OpenVent (OV) – We are Designing an Emergency COVID-19 Ventilator

More than 15 engineer volunteers from Dalhousie Space Systems Labs got together and created the OpenVent (OV) TaskForce, designing a prototype mechanical ventilator. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, Nova Scotia, as well as the rest of the country is anticipating a shortage of ventilators for critical patients. In the coming months, it’s predicted that Nova Scotia could see a surge in critical cases, far exceeding the capacity of the current ventilators in the province. With its unique and wide-ranging diversity of expertise in mechanical, software, chemical, and electrical engineering, DSS has put together a task-force to design a small, portable mechanical ventilator system in the next seven days. Professionally-determined specifications from Montreal General Hospital Foundation will guide the prototype’s design which is to be submitted to QEII, supporting Nova Scotia in its efforts to get ahead of the pandemic and help those who need it most. As this is the first medical device designed by the lab, the DSS is receiving expert guidance from medical professionals. Supporting their needs and the needs of medical personnel in these difficult times is the DSS’s top priority. The team is making sure the device prototypes are safe for patients, easy-to-use, and reliable. Being one of the few interdisciplinary engineering groups in Nova Scotia, the DSS is looking for anybody interested in joining the OV (OpenVent) Task-Force, especially medical professionals, ER doctors, nurses as well as professional engineers with experience in electrical, mechanical, embedded software.

If interested to participate or press inquires, please contact Dalhousie Space Systems Labs OV-Division at 

Please check this page for updates and design progress