Spacecraft Division

Official Patch – DSS Spacecraft Division

The spacecraft division of the DSS is in charge of designing and building the satellites that go into orbit. Responsible for all aspects of hardware and software development, the spacecraft division is also in charge of mission planning before the satellites are built, operation of the satellite during orbit, and management of data during and after mission completion. From the first component made, to ensuring the satellite burns up in orbit upon completion of its mission, the spacecraft division is in charge of various crucial tasks.

Rocketry Division

Official Patch – DSS Rocketry Division

The rocketry division’s goal is to research and understand how rocket flights work. Achieved by collecting data form test launches, the DSS using this information for future development and launches of rockets. They develop rocket shells, test payloads, electronic systems and propulsion systems. Understanding this complex flight data is key when designing and developing rockets for launch.

Mars Analog Division

Official Patch – DSS Analog Division

Developing self-sufficient rovers for Mars & Lunar missions with the Canadian Space Agency is the main goal of the Mars analog division. Currently, the division is focusing on the software that controls the rover. The division’s primary objective is to make a rover fully autonomous, meaning it can make decisions independently. In the future, the Mars analog division plans to build rovers from the ground up.