Stratospheric Balloon


New for 2019-2020: Check out the Canadian Space Agency’s new capability in expandable balloon launches! We’re working with the Canadian Space Agency to provide students the opportunity to fly individual payloads onboard smaller gondolas. Students would be able to gain experience in flight operations and recovery while learning from CSA experts.

See the handbook & stay tuned for more information

Access the STRATOS 2019-2020 Handbook Click Here

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Timeline (Dalhousie Applicants)

  • Letter of Intent Due by Nov, 5th 2019
  • Two Page Proposal of research Due by Nov, 15th 2019
  • Selected Proposal is announced Nov, 20th 2019
  • Final Proposal is sent to SEDS Dec, 1st 2019
  • National Selected teams are announced Dec, 18th 2019

For more information visit SEDS Website Here

Submit your LOI, proposal or any other questions about the STRATOS Mission to stratos (a.t)