Sponsor Profiles: InterTalk Critical Information Systems

We’re proud to have InterTalk Critical Information Systems as our Sun-level sponsor! InterTalk, who graciously donated to help make the Halifax Space Apps Challenge a reality, is focused on providing the highest-quality emergency and information systems on the market. Since 1997, they have designed a variety of products to serve dispatchers, radio operators, the transport industry, nuclear and hydropower, and even the government. As our sun-level sponsor, InterTalk is invited to send five representatives to share their expertise with participants. And interest at the company in becoming a mentor is skyrocketing. Later this week, InterTalk will select representatives from their excited team of experts who look forward to collaborating with Dalhousie students and giving back to the community. 

For InterTalk, NASA Space Apps will be a learning experience where they will help guide students on their own paths to success and at the same time learn how they can best serve those in the province, a top priority for the company. As part of their goal of growing their own community interaction and engagement, NASA Space Apps for InterTalk best represented a chance for them to make a difference. Being the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, InterTalk will approach Space Apps with fresh eyes come October 18th. From specialists in radio, software design, physics and more, InterTalk is planning to send their “best and brightest” to help participants succeed. Not only does the company want to explore the space market, they also wish to expand their relationship with Dalhousie University. 

InterTalk has a flexible line of products including the InterTalk Radio Dispatch Console System, Encompass Mobile Dispatch Unit, the data analysis software Interstat, Transcript™ for complete communication logging, and more. With years of experience behind them, they work to merge complex communication systems together into stable and dependable platforms. And their commitment to reliability and performance is represented by their unique dual-ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications which, based on over 150 national standard bodies, marks them as a leading innovator in global solutions. 

In Space Apps, InterTalk sees themselves: an Atlantic Canadian technology incubator run by people eager to make a difference in the world. As established as the company is, InterTalk considers themselves as entering a growth phase in which not only do they seek to attract graduating students looking for work, but also to explore the variety of ways they can be more involved in public initiatives. 

Be sure to look out for InterTalk at the hackathon! To explore more about the company, please visit https://intertalksystems.com/.

Published September 26, 2019