LORIS Mission Team

Mechanical & Flight Dynamics
AnnaWailandattitude determination and control system (Lead / R&D)
NicholasPoppADCS & Chassis
JamesSmithattitude determination and control system
JamieAshattitude determination and control system
MaxwellBauerattitude determination and control system
MarkMacGillivrayattitude determination and control system
SrajitMehrotraattitude determination and control system
VigneshKrishnanattitude determination and control system
DylanOrmistonOrbital dynamics / ADCS
MaxwellBauerOrbital dynamics / ADCS
CathySongOrbital dynamics / ADCS
AnnetteWongOrbital dynamics / ADCS
ChloePotterOrbital dynamics / ADCS
TomChristisonOrbital dynamics / ADCS
ElijahVautourOrbital dynamics / ADCS
Anthony NewtonOrbital dynamics – ADCS
SilasEastwoodOrbital dynamics / ADCS – Summer Student
Bus Design / Thermal / Vibration
KenzieTimmonsChassis (Lead)
WarrenDavidsonChassis and Integration
WarrenDavidsonChassis and Integration
JamesAdyeVehicle design and bus integration
Stephen Adama BatsaVehicle design and bus integration
AkiliCyrusVehicle design and bus integration
DanielMonkVehicle design and bus integration
DulyavichVongsathornVehicle design and bus integration
JackSpearsVehicle design and bus integration
jiaweiXuVehicle design and bus integration
KeiranJackVehicle design and bus integration
XuLiangQiChassis and Integration
DougDeBowChassis and Integration
Payload Software – Operating System 
ArjavGuptaPayload (Software)
LiamHebertPayload and Software (LEAD)
AndrewWayCommand & Data – Operating System
LoganSutherlandPayload – Software Integration
MichaelWrightCommand & Data – Operating System
SpencerAxfordCommand & Data – Operating System
Electrical Power System / Battery R&D
YannGuérinCore Software
RileyCookElectrical Battery R&D
BlakeMeechElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
BrodyMcKeownElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
DimitriKorchakElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
HenryZouElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
MarkCrispoElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment) (LEAD)
OwenStuttardElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
BrianPetersElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
BenMacdonaldElectrical Power Systems (Space Segment)
 LiamMacDonald Solid State – EPS Control Software / EPS Software
SATCOMM / Space & Earth Network
MichelleColemanGround Station
AlexanderMacDonaldGround System (LED)
Abdul BasitSyedLCP Comms & Dev Board
DanielPenaloOBC, LCP
MarkMcCoyPower – Software/Umbilical Design
AhmadKammonahSATCOMM / Telemetry
GillemRaymondSATCOMM / Telemetry
KaterinaVinogradovaSATCOMM / Telemetry
KyleBriseboisPayload Design / SATCOMM LEAD / Antenna & Simulation (LEAD)
LoriSmigelskiSATCOMM / Telemetry
MichelleYeeSATCOMM / Telemetry
SteveAndrewsSoftware Defined Radio / Space
NickHansenSATCOMM / Telemetry (Lead / R&D)
YizheZhongSATCOMM / Telemetry
HuzefaAwanSATCOMM / Telemetry
ZefiAwanSATCOMM / Telemetry
JonathanParsonsSATCOMM / Telemetry
CameronCreaserSATCOMM / Telemetry
ChrisGrovesSATCOMM / Telemetry
ErinWetterSATCOMM / Telemetry
AleksanderJackSATCOMM / Telemetry
GraemeLarsenSATCOMM / Telemetry (LEAD)
Command & Data Handling (On-Board Computer)
AlexAmellalICP / Software Interface 
LucCharbonneau Hardware Design / PCB / EMI / Assembly (LEAD)
MandyMacMillanHardware Design / PCB / Assembly 
CarlMattatallHardware Design / EMI / Microwave 
Project Team 
SammyGoldbergDirector – Communications & Outreach
JakeMilfordLead Systems Engineer / Bus Integration (LEAD)
Abdul BasitSyedSystems Engineer / Bus Integration
Arad GharagozliMission Manager
Dr. Kevin PlucknettPI – Material Science / Chassis 
Dr. LucasSwanCo-PI / Battery and EPS 
Dr. Robert BauerCo-PI / ADCS & Flight Dynamics 
Dr. ZChenCo-PI / SATCOMM & Ground Stations